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I am sitting on my couch trying to motivate my muse into writing a story. Now normally this lack of inspiration wouldn't bother me except the story I'm trying to finish is for a friends birthday, which by the way has passed. What a slack friend I am. I am hoping by venting I may suddenly be inspired to right, I hope. So recently I was diagnosed with serve depression which sucks and only served to depress me more. Now that I'm all vented out I shall attempt to finish my story.

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How's the muse today?

Don't worry about seeming to be slack; most friends understand if you explain the circumstances (or, let's face it, they shouldn't be classed as your friend). Especially as depression has come officially into the equation.

Just remember: it's better to be depressed than mad.

My muse is still lacking inspiration.

Yeah I know but I still feel slack lol.

Yeah your right.

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