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Fic:Trying Not To Love You
Title: Trying Not To Love You (3/?)
Author: ddshipper9692
Rating: General
Summary: They were supposed to be just friends, but he couldn't stop these feelings.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor am associated with Doctor Who or Nickelback
Word Count: 812
Characters: Ten, Donna eventual Ten/Donna
A/N: Thanks again to bas_math_girl for helping me out, as always you're the best.

After Donna had gone to bed, the Doctor sat in library reading for a few more hours before deciding that it was time to go to bed as well.

Lying in bed, he decided that they should visit an alien planet in the ‘morning’ and left it up to the TARDIS to decide which planet as he drifted to sleep.

Waking up, the first thing the Doctor noticed was that the hum of the TARDIS was different. Lying silently, he realised that she sounded happier and was humming like she was talking to someone. The Doctor got out of bed and walked to Donna’s room only to find it empty, so he headed to the kitchen in search of her.

Arriving in the kitchen, the Doctor was surprised to see that Donna had already had a shower, was dressed, and had made a breakfast spread and had it all dished up. She was currently standing with her back to him and chatting to the TARDIS.

“Good morning, Doctor,” Donna said cheerfully.

The Doctor smiling slightly in surprise replied, “Morning.”

Turning and smiling at the Doctor, Donna handed him a plate and sat down with her own and they ate breakfast in comfortable silence.

After finishing breakfast, the Doctor instructed Donna to wait in the console room for him while he got ready.

“Actually, I’m going to change my shoes first, ok?” Donna said as she walked off to her room.
Watching her walk away, the Doctor just smiled as he made his way to his room.

After he was showered and ready to go, he headed for the console only to stop about half way in surprise as he heard the hum of the TARDIS turn to a purr of delight. Wondering what was going on, the Doctor went to Donna’s room and was about to knock but Donna opened the door and walked into him.

“Oops, sorry spaceman,” Donna said as she grabbed his hand to keep upright.

Looking at Donna, the Doctor noticed her flushed face and knew it had to do with why the TARDIS was so happy. The Doctor decided he would question her about it later.

“Come on, let’s go and I’ll set the controls to random, ok?” the Doctor suggested as he practically dragged Donna to the console room, making her smile at him indulgently.

The Doctor was sitting in the console room staring at the time rotor thinking about how freaked out he got at the thought of Donna wanting to go home. It was a strange feeling and he didn’t really want to analyse what it meant.

“You ok there, spaceman?” Donna asked softly, startling him out of his thoughts.

“Yes, I’m alright, I was just thinking that’s all,” he replied, smiling at her.
Smiling, Donna replied, “About something good I hope.”

“Always,” the Doctor replied with a smirk, causing Donna to blush lightly.

“By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask what you did this morning that made the TARDIS so happy,” the Doctor asked curiously, with a smile.

Smiling back at him with a slightly more pronounced blush, they both looked at the time rotor; the Doctor in surprise and Donna with fondness as the hum changed to sound like laughter.

Laughing, the Doctor looked at Donna before asking, “Well?”

“Okay. Well, I was looking at this magazine that the TARDIS gave me after I changed my shoes and was waiting for you to get ready and I saw these really fantastic shoes that I liked. But I had just realised I would never be able to afford them when she told me to look in my closet; and when I did there they were! So I may have squealed in excitement and hugged and kissed one of the walls in my room very affectionately,” Donna told him, with a blush.

The Doctor looked stunned for a second before he grinned like a maniac and pulled her into a hug, and stated, “You’re really a big softy on the inside, aren’t you?”

Smiling at the Doctor, Donna replied, “Only with the TARDIS.”

The TARDIS laughed again as the Doctor and Donna made their way to the kitchen for tea.

Taking their tea to the library, they chatted about today until Donna yawned. Saying their goodnights, Donna made her way to bed, stroking the wall on her way.

Smiling at her, the Doctor turned his head to ceiling stating, “You’re a little in love with her, aren’t you, old girl?”

“How could I not be? She is different to all the others, she doesn’t treat me like a machine, and I’m just like one of her friends,” replied the TARDIS.

Smiling at the ceiling, the Doctor replied, “Yeah, she’s brilliant alright. Well, I’m off to bed.”

Humming to himself, the Doctor made his way to bed; he couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would hold.

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*happy sigh*

I'm loving this slow build up. :D

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