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Fic: Call Me Maybe
Title: Call Me Maybe (6/7)
Author: ddshipper9692
Rating: M
Summary: The Doctor takes a break from saving the universe and is trying to find a new companion, but what happens when he meets his new neighbours and their friend?
Disclaimer: I do not own nor am associated with Doctor Who or Carly Rae Jepsen
Word Count: 1, 218
Characters: Ten/Donna, Martha, Rose
A/N: Thanks again to bas_math_girl for helping me out as always.

The Doctor gave Donna a tour of the TARDIS before they went anywhere. When they were done, the Doctor took Donna back to the console room.

“Okay, so where would you like to go?” the Doctor asked.

Donna thought before saying, “Why don’t you let the TARDIS decide, so that way it’s a surprise for both of us.”

Grinning at her widely, he nodded before setting the controls to random and grabbing Donna’s hand and pulling her right next to him, making her smile shyly.

When the TARDIS landed, the Doctor and Donna walked to the doors smiled at each other and stepped out into what looked like a flower field.

The Doctor was about to turn to Donna when he felt a mental nudge from the TARDIS to go back in and get something off the jumpseat.

“Hey, stay here a second, I’m just going to go back in and grab something, ok?” the Doctor said.

Smiling at him, Donna replied, “Sure, but don’t take long.”

Smiling back at her, the Doctor walked back inside to the jumpseat which now held a picnic basket and a blanket. Smiling, the Doctor thanked the TARDIS and headed back out to find Donna had moved a few feet away and was crouched down looking at some multi-coloured flowers.

Walking over to her, the Doctor found a nice clear spot and put down the blanket and took out the food and drink from the basket.

Smiling at each other, Donna and the Doctor ate in silence and enjoyed each other’s company.
The TARDIS provided a mixture of foods and apparently a lot of banana goods, much to the Doctor’s delight. In all honesty Donna had to stop watching the Doctor eat a banana; somehow that man made it very erotic.

Looking in the basket to see if there was any more banana sandwiches, the Doctor come across a vanilla and strawberry lollipop.

“Well, that’s weird!” the Doctor exclaimed, causing Donna to look up.

“Oh my god, I don’t believe it!” Donna replied, “I haven’t seen one of these in years.”

“Huh?” was the Doctor’s confused response.

“This was like my favourite lollipop when I was in my teens; but then they stopped being made and I was so disappointed,” Donna told the confused Doctor.
The Doctor watched Donna happily unwrap the lollipop and put it in her mouth. Everything was fine for two minutes until the Doctor looked back at Donna and realised that the way she was eating it, running her tongue up the cylindrical sugar tube carefully before engulfing its goodness fully within her mouth with a sudden movement. She then sucked upon it, letting a groan of ecstasy, twirling and releasing it with small incremental pleasure. When he thought she had stopped she gasped out, “Oh yes!” and hungrily sucked the lollipop deep into her mouth; then using a piston action to devour it, all slow and seductive like. It was making him incredibly aroused. With a cough of embarrassment he hastily looked away before she could notice. Hopefully.

When they were finished, the Doctor packed everything up and took it back to the TARDIS.

Returning to Donna, the Doctor asked, “Would you like to go for a walk around?”

“Sure,” Donna replied with a smile as the Doctor took her hand.

Walking along a little path, the Doctor spent most of the walk watching Donna. Donna for her part couldn’t get enough of the scenery, it was spectacular, all green rolling hills, and each covered in the most beautiful flowers.

“Doctor, where are we?”

Looking around, the Doctor frowned before saying with a smile, “This is called ‘Planet of a Thousand Flowers’ because no two flowers are the same, in colour or scent.”

Gazing at the flowers nearest to her Donna realised he was right, while some looked the same their colour was just slightly different and when she bent down to smell them they smelt fantastic.

Watching her lovingly, the Doctor picked up a beautiful purple flower that smelled strangely like Strawberry Daiquiri Lust Dust. Blushing lightly in remembrance, he smiled at Donna and tucked the flower behind her ear.

Smiling shyly at the Doctor, Donna looked down at her watch so as to not look into his soulful eyes that made her melt and realised that they should probably get back even if they had a time machine; Donna couldn’t help but worry. The Doctor may be an alien and ‘experienced pilot’ but he was still a bloke and they always miscalculated time in her experience. This thought caused Donna to laugh softly.

“Alright spaceman, time we got back; don’t cha think?” Donna stated cheerfully.

Smiling at her fondly, the Doctor replied, “Of course.”

Heading back to the TARDIS, the Doctor opened the door for Donna and went up to the console and set the co-ordinates. As he moved away Donna frowned a little when she saw the co-ordinates change themselves but said nothing.

Arriving, they stepped out of the TARDIS into Donna’s flat.

“There, told I could get you back on time,” the Doctor said smugly.

Smiling, Donna sent a mental thanks to the TARDIS for resetting the co-ordinates, which the Doctor messed up.

“Thank you,” Donna said.

Looking up into the Doctor’s intense chocolate eyes, Donna was overwhelmed with the urge to snog the Doctor; so she did just that.

The Doctor stood stock still in surprise as Donna suddenly grabbed him by the lapels and pulled him close letting her sweet breath wash over him before her lips found his. Taking charge of the kiss the Doctor licked her bottom lip causing her to open them to his inquisitive tongue. The Doctor explored this new territory with enthusiasm moaning with desire at her taste and the way Donna’s tongue played with his, in exquisite foreplay.

Smiling against his lips, Donna slid her hands down the Doctor’s body, so she could pull his shirt tails out and caress his skin.

When Donna’s warm hands made contact with his cool skin the Doctor thought he would pass out with pleasure. Donna moved her hands up his chest running her fingers through the light smattering of chest hairs and making the Doctor moan again. Smoothing her hands down his torso and around his waist to bring them up to his shoulder blades, and then lightly raking her nails down his back, making the Doctor growl and pant, the noise made her very hot.

The sensation of Donna’s nails on his back made the Doctor firm up slightly, and he decided it was his turn for a little exploration. He ran his hands over the surface of her shirt, keeping to the safe areas of her lower back and stomach before delving further to caress her flesh. The Doctor made it as far as pushing the hem of Donna’s shirt up, when Donna’s phone started to ring.

Both growled in irritation as Donna stalked over to her phone and answered.

“Hello,” Donna said as politely as possible, annoyed at having her fun, sexy time with the Doctor interrupted.

Smiling, the Doctor could tell Donna was very annoyed that they had to stop. Come to think of it so was he.

Before the Doctor could do, say or think he heard Donna say loudly, “She did what?”

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Rotten phones spoil everyone's fun, eh? Ha ha ha

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