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Fic: Call Me Maybe
Title: Call Me Maybe (7/7)
Author: ddshipper9692
Rating: General
Summary: The Doctor takes a break from saving the universe and is trying to find a new companion, but what happens when he meets his new neighbours and their friend?
Disclaimer: I do not own nor am associated with Doctor Who or Carly Rae Jepsen
Word Count: 795
Characters: Ten, Donna, Martha, Rose eventual Ten/Donna
A/N: Thanks again to bas_math_girl for helping me out.
A/N2: Sorry this took so long.


Both growled in irritation as Donna stalked over to her phone and answered.

“Hello,” Donna said as politely as possible, annoyed at having her fun, sexy time with the Doctor interrupted.

Smiling, the Doctor could tell Donna was very annoyed that they had to stop. Come to think of it so was he.

Before the Doctor could do, say or think he heard Donna say loudly, “She did what?”

The Doctor watched as Donna paced about the room talking to someone on the phone about some stupid and selfish thing Rose had done. Not that this struck the Doctor as unusual but he was really starting to dislike Rose and her crappy timing.

“.....well I’ve had enough of it, Martha,” Donna said.

The Doctor didn’t hear what Martha said but what Donna said next made him jump and shout about in joy.

“She is not a child and I am not going to be her babysitter anymore. I’ve found someone that I really, really like and I’m not going to miss out on it because of her,” Donna stated firmly before continuing, “Well, I got to go. I’m going to finish the rest of my date and then pack. Ok, I’ll call you later. Bye, sweetie.”

Hanging up, Donna turned around and found herself in the Doctor’s arms.

Throwing her arms around his neck, Donna brought her face closer to his so as she could smell his sweet breath, and asked, “So where were we?”

Smiling at her, the Doctor leaned in and kissed her lovingly.

“Donna?” The Doctor’s voice broke through her thoughts and made her blink and realise that she was on the TARDIS, and they had just put the Earth back in its proper place.

Looking up, Donna saw everyone looking at her in concern; well except the Duplicate, who was smirking at her in a knowing way that made her blush.

Grabbing her hand in concern, the Doctor asked, “Are you ok Donna? You just phased out for like 20 minutes.”

Smiling at him, Donna realised she had just witnessed one of the Doctor’s timelines and found that she was upset that it had never happened.

“I’m fine, Doctor; just tired I guess,” Donna replied before turning to the Duplicate and asking, “Want to go grab a cuppa with me?”

“Sure,” he replied.

When they arrived in the kitchen, Donna put the kettle on before asking, “So, have you decided on a name?”

“I was thinking Andrew, but Andy for short,” Andy replied happily.

Smiling at the newly named Andy, Donna turned back and poured the tea.

“So.....I take it you want to ask my opinion on what you saw?” Andy began.

Handing him his tea, Donna looked at her drink before looking up and wondering, “Yeah, it’s just, does this mean that he likes-likes me?”

Laughing, Andy replied, “Well duh! Of course he does.”

Donna looked at him in surprise and then her expression softened as she spoke. “That’s good, because I like-like him too.”

“Well then let’s go get your man,” Andy said as he grabbed Donna’s hand and dragged her towards the console room.

Returning to the console room, Donna and Andy noted that the Doctor had dropped off everyone except Jackie and Rose.

When the Doctor looked up and saw they had returned he was about to say something, until he noticed they were holding hands and felt jealousy well up in him.

Letting go of Donna’s hand, Andy walked over and started a conversation with Rose and Jackie so Donna could have a minute with the Doctor.

Smiling nervously at him, Donna was unsure of what to say. Taking a deep breath, Donna spoke loud enough for only the Doctor to hear, “Doctor, I just want to say that I really like you, as in more than a mate and.....” Whatever Donna was going to say next was cut off by the Doctor kissing her softly.

Looking at Donna, the Doctor couldn’t believe how lucky he was. Looking over at Rose, who was just standing over with Jackie and Andy, the Doctor considered leaving Andy with her; but when she looked at him he noticed her look was like that of someone who thought that the person they were looking at, or speaking to, wasn’t really worth their time.

Deciding that it was probably best Andy stay with them, he saw Andy look at Donna the way a brother looks at his adorable little sister and knew that he could never separate them.

“Doctor, we better take Rose and Jackie home,” Donna said quietly.

Smiling, the Doctor merely ran his fingers softly over her lips before turning around and letting go of his past so as to move onto his very delightful future.

The end

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